Equazi Enterprises is a premier provider of exciting game and puzzle applications for web-based, hand-held and tablet devices, as well as traditional print media sources.


Utilizing the latest innovations in technology, our company is uniquely positioned to offer touch-friendly puzzle and game offerings to all those who seek a brief distraction or a more extended diversion.    Whether you use an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or compatible tablet device, our applications are simple to use, and easy to learn.

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Equally well suited to print media applications, our challenging puzzles offer an excellent complement to the traditional mix offered in many daily and Sunday newspapers.   These puzzles are also available in book form and make an ideal holiday gift for word buffs and puzzle fanatics.

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Conventional web users may also enjoy our diverse product offerings through custom designed puzzle applications that offer daily puzzles and provide ready access to historical archives of puzzles and solutions.   Like the hand-held device applications, these sites prioritize ease of use and enable a broad functional capability.

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